Saturday, September 6, 2014

Ergo Slip cover

Occasionally I like to carry my son in my Ergo. This is a Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) which is ergonomic for both you and your child. It is a very comfortable carrier to wear.
I bought mine at Ross, where I found it for $69.99 instead of the original price of $124.99

It is however poopy brown color and I don't like that. Now I could try and dye it and what not, but I think the only color I could dye this into is black. So I decided to make a slipcover for it.Since I couldn't find any tutorials out there I have come up with my own pattern.

I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby and really liked it. The idea was to make a reversible slip cover, so I can change whenever I feel like. I picked up the grey fabric from my local Walmart.

I traced my ergo with about 2 inches to spare all around and this is what I come up with.

After I had 2 grey panels cut out I cut out the giraffe fabric and the one with the balls.

I turned the fabric inside out and sewed the pieces together with a simple straight stitch.

After I have done both panels I used snaps to attach the panels to each other. I opted for this because it would be very easy to change my panels and I could use it with other SSC carriers as well.

here you can see both panels attached to each other. My ergo is in between. SO I did not have to modify my ergo at all. You also still have access to the sleep hood which is folded inside of it now, but easy accessible by opening 2 snaps on the top.

~ SuuZ


  1. Do you have the exact measurements for the cover piece?

  2. I would also like to inquire about measurements. Are you still loving the cover?

  3. Super cute! I was curious how much fabric this took all together. :) Measurements would be great!

  4. Thanks for the idea. I'm the third owner of a camel Ergo and wanted to give it some new life! A friend and I just finished a cover using your site...wish I could post a pic for you. I'm loving it! Tempted to make another...

  5. Is the Grey panel used to line each decorative panel? I'm a new sewist. My first thought was two sets: decorative A sewn to grey, decorative B sewn to grey, then these pairs snapped together. Thank you.